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Wake Up Wealthier!

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

Make money in your sleep.

Increase your net worth everyday....

Here are some ways to wake up wealthier-

  1. decrease your consumer debt--eventually destroy it!

  2. decrease the debt on your house by making more principal payments

  3. build passive income: MULTIPLE STREAMS

Here are some multiple streams of income ideas:

  1. invest in stock-collect dividends

  2. rent out a section of your house

  3. rent out your garage

  4. develop an intellectual property- write a song or book-- collect royalties

  5. invest in real estate crowd funding projects

Whatever you decide, you will wake up wealthier by making money while you sleep. After the initial start up work is done, you won't have to do anything to continue to get paid.

Let's do this!

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