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I. Got. This.

Yesterday I decided that 2020 is going to be a year of growth. Despite the health, economic and social crisis that we are facing, I'm not allowing that to get in my way. Nor am I allowing my hang-ups to interfere with the inner me that wants to thrive in this world to inspire people to never be stagnant and always seek education and experiences to learn and be great.

Today y'all, I have launched a new me! I am taking with me all like minded people that are interested in learning and seeking what life has to offer. I am on a mission to motivate those who need a nudge (like me) on the shoulder sometimes and say 'You. got. this'! (got that line from my sister ;))

Together we will develop healthy mindsets and take this pandemic and world by storm. Here are some things we will conquer along our journey:

*develop an abundance mentality (reach for the stars with proper planning)

* meet savings goals /alleviate debt/ budgeting

*acquire assets and expand net worth

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